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Installing operating system images using Win32DiskImager

There are many ways to install operating system on your raspberry pi. In this tutorial we will discuss how install OS using the Win32DiskImager tool. 

Step 1: Download the Win32DiskImager utility from sourceforge

Step 2: Insert the SD card into your SD card reader. You can use the SD card slot if you have one, or an SD adapter in a USB port. Take note of the drive letter.

Step 3: Run Win32DiskImager utility. 

Step 4: In the device box, select the drive letter of the SD card. Ensure the Device drop down box has the drive your card is inserted into. Be careful to select the correct drive: if you choose the wrong drive you could destroy the data on your computer’s hard disk!

Step 5: Select the unzipped OS image be sure to unzip it file should be a .img file. 

Step 6: Press Write and wait for the program to write the operating system onto the SD card.

Step 7: Exit the Win32 Disk Imager and eject the SD Card.