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Product Description:
1×18650 Battery Holder (wire leads) is a convenient and reliable solution for powering your projects with a single 18650 lithium-ion battery. This battery holder features wire leads, making it easy to connect to your circuit or device.

The holder is designed to securely hold the 18650 battery in place, ensuring a stable connection and preventing any accidental disconnections. With dimensions of 74.5mm x 21.5mm x 17.7mm (2.93″ x 0.84″ x 0.69″), it provides a compact and lightweight solution for your power needs.

The wire leads, with an overall length of 379.3mm (14.9″), provide flexibility in connecting the battery to your circuitry or power input. They offer convenient placement options and enable easy integration into your projects.

This battery holder is compatible with standard 18650 lithium-ion batteries, which are widely available and commonly used in a variety of electronic devices. Please note that the 18650 battery is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

Whether you’re building a portable project, a robotics application, or an IoT device, the Battery Holder – 1×18650 (wire leads) provides a reliable and easy-to-use power solution.


  • Designed for 1×18650 lithium-ion battery
  • Wire leads (379.3mm/14.9″ overall length) for easy connectivity
  • Securely holds the battery in place
  • Compact dimensions: 74.5mm x 21.5mm x 17.7mm (2.93″ x 0.84″ x 0.69″)
  • Lightweight design for space-constrained applications
  • Compatible with standard 18650 batteries


The Battery Holder – 1×18650 (wire leads) can be used in various applications, including but not limited to:

  • Portable electronics
  • Robotics projects
  • IoT devices
  • LED lighting
  • Wireless sensors
  • DIY projects

Note: This product does not include the 18650 battery. The battery needs to be purchased separately.

Dimensions 7.45 × 2.15 × 1.77 cm


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