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The Cytron Maker Pi Pico Base (without Pico) is an incredibly useful all-in-one project accessory for the Raspberry Pi Pico. With a huge list of handy features, ready-to-use components and helpful example code, it’s the ultimate add-on for Raspberry Pi Pico owners!

The Pico base incorporates a useful reset button for your Raspberry Pi Pico and gives you access to all GPIO pins on two 20 ways pin-headers with clear labels. Each GPIO is coupled with an LED indicator for convenient code testing and troubleshooting. The bottom layer of this board even comes with a comprehensive pinout diagram showing the function of each pin.

Components Onboard!
Your favourite components are also onboard, linked to GPIO pins and ready to use – great for learning how to program MicroPython – with no soldering required!

You’ll find 3 programmable pushbuttons, an RGB LED, buzzer, stereo 3.5mm audio jack, micro-SD card slot, ESP-01 socket and 6 Grove ports for easily connecting sensors and other external components!

Programming is Easy!
With your Raspberry Pi Pico at the heart, the Maker Pi Pico can be programmed with CircuitPython, MicroPython & C/C++. Just connect to any computer (including Raspberry Pi SBC) via USB, then drag and drop the file onto it to upload the program. It’s as easy as copying a file into your thumb drive!

Note: Raspberry Pi Pico is NOT included. You’ll need a Pico with male headers soldered to it. You can grab a Pico here and Pico male headers here , or check out this Maker Pi Pico with Pi Pico soldered onboard !

Work out-of-the-box. No soldering!
Access to all Raspberry Pi Pico’s pins on two 20 ways pin headers
LED indicators on all GPIO pins
3x programmable push button (GP20-22)
1x RGB LED – NeoPixel (GP28)
1x Piezo buzzer (GP18)
1x 3.5mm stereo audio jack (GP18-19)
1x Micro SD card slot (GP10-15)
1x ESP-01 socket (GP16-17)
6x Grove ports
Dimensions: 94mm x 68.6mm
Mounting holes: M3 (3mm)
Packing List
1 x Maker Pi Pico
Note: Raspberry Pi Pico NOT included.


Maker Pi Pico Datasheet
Maker Pi Pico Demo & Example Code


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