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Introducing Maker Reflect – The Tiny Reflectance Sensor for Your Robotics Projects

Are you looking for a versatile sensor that can be used in various robotics applications? Look no further than Maker Reflect, the tiny reflectance sensor designed to provide accurate readings and help your robot navigate its surroundings with ease.

What is Maker Reflect?

Maker Reflect is a compact reflectance sensor that combines an infrared (IR) LED and a phototransistor to measure the amount of IR light reflected from a surface. This sensor outputs analog voltage, which decreases as more IR light is detected by the phototransistor. With its small size and powerful functionality, Maker Reflect opens up a world of possibilities for your robotics projects.

Versatile Applications

While Maker Reflect is commonly used in line-following robots, its applications go far beyond that. Here are just a few examples of how you can utilize the capabilities of Maker Reflect:

  • Line Following Robot: Maker Reflect is ideal for line-following robots as it can differentiate between white and black surfaces by measuring the reflected IR light.
  • Sumo Robot: Use Maker Reflect as an edge/border sensor in your Sumo robot to detect the boundaries and make precise movements during competitions.
  • Wall Following Robot: Incorporate Maker Reflect as a wall sensor in your maze-solving robot to help it navigate through complex environments.
  • Short-Distance Object Detection: Maker Reflect can serve as a presence sensor, detecting objects in close proximity to your robot.
  • Sensor for Rotary Wheel Encoder: Utilize Maker Reflect as a sensor for a printed rotary wheel encoder to accurately measure rotation and position.

Compact and Convenient Design

Measuring only (L)18.1mm x (W)8.4mm x (H)4.2mm (excluding the header pin), Maker Reflect is incredibly small, allowing you to fit it into the tightest spaces on your robot. We specifically designed the sensor with a center-mounted mounting hole, ensuring that it can be positioned at the front-most point of your Sumo robot for enhanced performance.

Key Features:

  • Operating Voltage: Compatible with both 3.3V and 5V systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of microcontrollers and development boards.
  • Sensing Distance (Height): Maker Reflect can sense surfaces from as close as 1mm up to 40mm (Vcc = 5V) when distinguishing between a black line and a white surface.
  • Output: The sensor provides analog voltage output, with lower voltage indicating a white surface.

Example Application:

  • Line Following Robot
  • Sumo Robot
  • Wall Following Robot
  • Short Distance Object Sensing
  • Sensor for Printed Rotary Wheel Encoder

In the packing list:

1 x MAKER-REFLECT: This package includes one Maker Reflect sensor, ready to be integrated into your robotics project.
Unleash the full potential of your robot with Maker Reflect and take your projects to new heights. Order your Maker Reflect sensor today and explore the endless possibilities of robotics!

Dimensions 1.81 × 0.84 × 0.42 cm


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