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Introducing the Maker Soil Moisture Sensor – the perfect tool for monitoring soil moisture levels with ease. This sensor utilizes capacitive sensing to measure soil moisture, making it highly reliable and accurate. By detecting the presence of water in the soil, it effectively increases the probe capacitance, providing you with valuable information about the soil’s hydration.

With analog output, this sensor generates voltage signals that are inversely proportional to the moisture levels. Higher moisture content in the soil results in lower output voltage, indicating a wetter environment. As part of our Maker Series, this sensor is designed to simplify the world of digital making for both beginners and experts alike, offering a range of features to enhance your projects.

The Maker Soil Moisture Sensor is incredibly user-friendly. If you prefer simplicity, you can rely solely on the LED indicators to determine the moisture levels in the soil. Just connect it to a power supply within the sensor’s specified voltage range, and the LED indicators will provide approximate moisture readings. Please note that the voltage supplied directly affects the LED readings, as the sensor lacks an onboard voltage regulator.


However, for those looking to delve into more advanced projects, this sensor seamlessly integrates with microcontrollers. You can harness the analog output voltage to develop intricate systems such as smart gardens and self-watering setups. Additionally, the sensor features a disable pin that allows for power-saving applications. By sending a HIGH signal to the disable pin, you can easily disable the sensor when necessary.

It’s important to remember that the Maker Soil Moisture Sensor provides qualitative readings of soil humidity rather than quantitative measurements. As the soil’s humidity increases, the output value decreases, and vice versa. This functionality offers a valuable perspective on moisture changes in your soil.

Key Features:

  • Operating Voltage: 2.5V – 7.0V, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of power sources.
  • Analog Voltage Output: Higher moisture levels result in lower voltage signals.
  • Grove Port: Conveniently connect the sensor to compatible Grove modules.
  • LED Indicators: Clearly displays dry, moist, and wet soil moisture levels.
  • Soil Limit: Maximum depth of the probe for efficient and accurate readings.
  • Double-Sided Probe: Enhances sensitivity to moisture changes, improving overall performance.
  • Capacitive Sensing Probe: Resistant to corrosion, ensuring durability and longevity.

Disable Pin: Facilitates power-saving applications by disabling the sensor when needed.

Example Applications:

  • Soil moisture detection for optimal plant care.
  • Automatic Plant Watering Systems for hassle-free plant maintenance.
  • Smart/IoT Gardens to create intelligent and connected green spaces.

Embrace the Maker Soil Moisture Sensor and unlock the potential of your projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this sensor’s reliability, versatility, and range of features will empower you to create remarkable digital experiences.

Packing List
1 x Maker Soil Moisture sensor
1 x 50cm Grove to Grove cable

Dimensions 10 × 2.5 cm


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