MX1508 Dual H-Bridge (L298N Alternative)

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– 2 channel mini motor driver
-Voltage Input : 2-10VDC
-Rated Current: 1.5A Peak Current: 2.5A (less than 10second)
-Direction and PWM control
– Works similar with L298N

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This is a ~2-10VDC 1.5A Dual Motor Controller which uses MX1508 (works similar with L298N) dual full bridge driver. It is ideal for robotic applications and well suited for connection to microcontroller requireing just a couple of control lines per motor. You can connect two DC motors or 4 lines stepper to this driver.


Driver Type: Dual high power H-bridge driver

Logic part of the Input Voltage: 1.8-7VDC
Driver part of the input voltage (Vs): 2-10VDC
Operating Current: 1.5A

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