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The MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module is a versatile sensor that can detect or measure various gases including LPG, Alcohol, Propane, Hydrogen, CO, and even methane. This module version of the sensor features a digital pin, allowing it to operate independently without a microcontroller. It is particularly useful when you need to detect a specific gas. For measuring gas levels in parts per million (ppm), the analog pin is utilized, which is TTL driven and compatible with most common microcontrollers.


Gas detection and measurement: The MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module can accurately detect and measure gases such as LPG, Alcohol, Propane, Hydrogen, CO, and methane, making it suitable for applications in industrial environments, laboratories, and homes.
Air quality monitoring: Use the MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module to monitor air quality and detect harmful gases in indoor or outdoor environments. It helps maintain a safe and healthy living or working environment.
Gas leak alarm: Install the sensor module in areas prone to gas leaks, such as kitchens, gas storage facilities, or industrial settings, to receive timely warnings and prevent accidents.
Safety standard maintenance: The MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module aids in maintaining safety standards by providing reliable gas detection capabilities. It is widely used in industries where gas leakage is a concern, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturing facilities.
Environmental standards in hospitals: Hospitals and healthcare facilities can benefit from using the MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module to ensure compliance with environmental standards. It helps monitor the air quality and detect any harmful gases present.


  • Built-in Power Indicator LED and Low TTL Indicator LED: The module includes indicator LEDs for easy status monitoring.
  • Operating Voltage: +5V: The sensor module operates at a standard +5V voltage, compatible with most microcontrollers and power supplies.
  • Versatile gas detection: The MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module can detect or measure LPG, Alcohol, Propane, Hydrogen, CO, and methane gases.
  • Analog and Digital output: The analog pin provides a voltage output ranging from 0V to 5V for precise gas level measurement. The digital pin outputs either 0V or 5V (TTL logic) and can be used for simple gas detection.
  • Preheat duration: The module requires a preheat duration of 20 seconds before accurate readings can be obtained.
  • Digital or analog sensor: The MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module can be utilized as a digital or analog sensor based on your application requirements.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: The sensitivity of the digital pin can be adjusted using the potentiometer, allowing you to fine-tune the sensor’s response.
  • Compact design: The module has compact dimensions of 32mm (L) x 22mm (W) x 27mm (H), making it easy to integrate into your projects.
  • Lightweight: Weighing just 10g, the MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module is lightweight and convenient to handle.

Packing List:

1 x MQ-2 Smoke LPG CO Sensor Module

Order your MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module now and ensure reliable gas detection and measurement for a wide range of applications. Monitor air quality, detect gas leaks, and maintain safety standards effortlessly with this versatile and easy-to-use sensor module.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 2.2 × 2.7 cm


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