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Introducing the OnOff SHIM for Raspberry Pi – the ultimate power control solution that adds convenience and versatility to your projects.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually plugging and unplugging power cables. With the OnOff SHIM, you can effortlessly power your Raspberry Pi on and off with a simple push button. It’s the perfect solution for quick and easy control, saving you time and eliminating the risk of accidental shutdowns.

Designed with a compact form factor, the OnOff SHIM seamlessly integrates with your Raspberry Pi, providing a secure and reliable connection. Its sleek design ensures it won’t take up unnecessary space, making it ideal for projects where every inch matters.

Never wonder about your Raspberry Pi’s power status again. The OnOff SHIM features an integrated LED indicator that provides clear visual feedback, instantly showing whether your device is powered on or off. Stay informed at a glance, without any guesswork.

Installation is a breeze with the included 40-pin header and standoffs. You can quickly and securely attach the OnOff SHIM to your Raspberry Pi, ensuring a stable connection in just minutes. It is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models featuring a 40-pin GPIO header, offering versatility for various projects.

The OnOff SHIM is a must-have accessory for any Raspberry Pi enthusiast. Whether you’re working on home automation, robotics, or media centers, it streamlines power control, simplifies your workflow, and enhances the overall experience.

Upgrade your Raspberry Pi projects with the OnOff SHIM and enjoy the convenience, versatility, and peace of mind it brings. Don’t miss out – order yours now and take control of your Raspberry Pi power management today!

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3.3 × 1.6 × 0.8 cm