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This is an awesome switching voltage regulator, buck regulator to be exact. Maximum output at 3A, 5VDC, with the input voltage ranging from 6V to 24VDC. Very suitable for solar panel to power Arduino or any MCU at 5V, or battery charger that require stable 5V. The switching regulator provides power efficiency up to 97%.


  • Latest buck switching regulator
  • Switching frequency: 500KHz
  • Output voltage at 5.1 to 5.2VDC
  • Input voltage: 6V to 24VDC
  • Maximum output current at 3A, 2.1A continuous.
  • Low voltage ripple at 10mV.
  • High efficiency: 6.5V input, 5V 0.7A output offers 97.5% efficiency / 12V input, 5V 1A output offers 94% efficiency
  • Output is standard USB A type connector, connect to your USB cable for charging your phone, even Raspberry Pi or Arduino board.
  • Output voltage is protected with 5V 300W TVS.
  • Output short circuit protection: Yes, but not recommended for long hour short circuit.
  • Input is protected with 1.5V fuse and diode for reverse polarity protection.
  • LED for output supply indicator.
  • Industrial operating temperature range: -40 degree C to 85 degree C
  • Super compact, the whole module is only 26.4mm x 15mm x 7.4mm
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