Picon Zero – Intelligent Robotics Controller for Raspberry Pi


Compatible with all 40-pin Raspberry Pi variants (3/2/B+/A+ or Zero)
I2C interface, leaving all GPIO pins free for your own use*
2 full H-Bridge motor drivers with full forward/reverse and speed control. Up to 1.5A continuous per channel (2A peak)
6 general purpose output channels (5V) that can be set as: Digital, PWM, Servo, WS2812( aka neopixels)
4 general purpose inputs (5V) that can be Digital, Analog, DS18B20 (digital temperature sensor)
All inputs and outputs use 3-pin GVS connectors (Ground, Volts, Signal) – allowing 3-pin sensors, servos, etc. to plug straight in
Dedicated socket for HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. Plug it straight in, or use jumper wires to mount it further away
5 GPIO signals, 5V, 3V and Ground brought out to a header
Power for outputs can be from Raspberry Pi’s 5V or from an external USB input line
Power for motors can be from internal/external 5V, or from a separate power source (3V to 11V)
Both motor terminals have 2-pin screw connectors AND 2-pin male headers to allow maximum flexibility in connecting
Python library module making it super-easy to use any of the features

This controller board is supplied fully assembled. No soldering is required.

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