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Introducing the 20Amp 6V-30V DC Motor Driver, a robust and versatile solution for controlling DC motors with precision. This motor driver is designed with high performance in mind, offering 2 channels of motor control with a remarkable 20A current handling capacity. Whether you’re working on robotics projects, automation, or DIY electronics, this motor driver provides the power and reliability you need.

In our product lineup, we meticulously test all motor drivers by running them at full load in our laboratory. We closely monitor the temperature using a thermal camera throughout the test, ensuring that the process continues until stability is reached—typically within 15 minutes. This meticulous approach allows us to accurately determine the current ratings for all our motor drivers, highlighting the quality and reliability of our products.

The onboard test buttons and motor output LEDs facilitate a quick and convenient functional test of the motor driver without the need to connect it to the host controller.

Key Features:

  • Bidirectional control for two brushed DC motors.
  • Operating Voltage: DC 6V to 30V
  • Maximum Motor Current (Each Channel): 20A continuous, 60A peak
  • Buttons for quick testing.
  • LEDs for motors output state.
  • PWM and DIR inputs.
  • Inputs compatible with 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V and 12V logic (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC, etc).
  • PWM frequency up to 20kHz (Output frequency is same as input frequency).
  • Compatible with sign-magnitude and locked-antiphase PWM operation.
  • Overcurrent protection with active current limiting.
  • Temperature protection.
  • Undervoltage shutdown.
Dimensions 8.89 × 7.874 cm
Motor Channel


Operating Voltage (VDC)

6 to 30

Continuous Current (A)


Peak Current (A)



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