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MakerPH Raspberry Pi Pico Basic Kit includes almost everything you need to kickstart your way in digital making and start learning MicroPython with Raspberry Pi Pico.

This kit is based on the Official Get Started with MicroPython comprehensive guide from Raspberry Pi to kickstart with this new MCU platform, this Raspberry Pi Basic Kit kit is perfect for you and even your kids to start learning programming at an early stage. With this kit, you’ll be able to pave your way into digital making and physical computing.

Please note that this kit only includes the basic components for the exercises in Chapter 1 to Chapter 9. If you wish to try more examples on I2C and SPI protocol and programmable IO from the book, you may buy the 16×2 SerLCD and WS2812B NeoPixel LED Stick separately.

Raspberry Pi Pico:

A low cost, high-performance microcontroller board built around Raspberry Pi’s very own chip – the RP2040.

Raspberry Pi Pico is Raspberry Pi’s first microcontroller board, designed especially for physical computing. Microcontrollers are a different type of device than Single Board Computers (like the Raspberry Pi 4 and previous generations of Pi), they don’t run an operating system and they are typically programmed to do just one task – though that task can be pretty intricate and exciting! They’re perfect for experimenting with hardware and using as the brains of custom devices, machines and inventions.

It can be easily reprogrammed over USB from a Raspberry Pi or other computer using the C/C++ SDK or the official MicroPython port.

The kit includes:
1 x Raspberry Pi Pico with loose headers
1 x Breadboard 8.5×5.5cm (400 Holes)
1 x Buzzer-PCB Mount
1 x Finger Adjust Preset Potentiometer 10K
2 x LED 5mm Red
2 x LED 5mm Green
2 x LED 5mm Yellow
2 x PIR Sensor
3 x 6x6x1 Push Button 4Pin
4 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (330R)
10 x Male to Female Jumper Wire
10 x Male to Male Jumper Wire


Get Started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico


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