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Maker Pi Pico gives you access to all Raspberry Pi Pico’s pins on two 20 ways pin headers, with clear labels. Each GPIO is coupled with an LED indicator for convenient code testing and troubleshooting. The bottom layer of this board even comes with a comprehensive pinout diagram showing the function of each pin.

It is a compact yet feature-packed board designed to sit at the heart of your STEM & robotics projects. Just use the jumper wires and/or Grove cables to connect any sensor and output modules to expand its capability. No soldering required!

Maker Pi Pico can be programmed with MicroPython & C/C++. Just connect to any computer (including Raspberry Pi SBC) via USB, then drag and drop the file onto it to upload the program. It’s as easy as copying a file into your thumbdrive!

What’s Raspberry Pi Pico?

A low cost, high-performance microcontroller board built around Raspberry Pi’s very own chip – the RP2040.

Raspberry Pi Pico is Raspberry Pi’s first microcontroller board, designed especially for physical computing. Microcontrollers are a different type of device than Single Board Computers (like the Raspberry Pi 4 and previous generations of Pi), they don’t run an operating system and they are typically programmed to do just one task – though that task can be pretty intricate and exciting! They’re perfect for experimenting with hardware and using as the brains of custom devices, machines and inventions.

Raspberry Pi Pico is a low-cost, high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital interfaces.

3 reviews for Maker Pi Pico: Simplifying Raspberry Pi Pico for Beginner

  1. Alex I.

    Excellent way to interface and experiment with the Raspberry Pi Pico. Has built in RGB sensor, buzzer, SD card reader, audio out. What’s great are the led indicators for the various pin outs. Helps to easily validate or troubleshoot your code. Uses easy to find Grove 4 pin cables

  2. Rey G.

    1. Seller responds to queries
    2. No sign of mishandling
    3. Properly packaged
    4. Item complete
    5. Thank you seller

  3. Mark B.

    This is a very nice product for starting to learn how to program a pico. Easy to use and works straight out of the box. It’s well documented on their site. Will recommend this to anyone who wants to start programming using a pico.

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