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Introducing the Yellow “TT” Gearbox Motor: Unlock New Possibilities in Motorized Projects

The Yellow “TT” Gearbox Motor is a highly sought-after motor, born out of popular demand. Based on the success of our TT motor + wheel kit in 2018, we have heeded the feedback of our valued customers and now offer the standalone motor itself. With its impressive features and versatile capabilities, this motor is sure to elevate your projects to new heights.

Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, the Yellow “TT” Gearbox Motor boasts a gear ratio of 1:48, providing nearly double the speed of its Blue metal counterpart with a 1:90 gear ratio. You have complete control over the speed, thanks to the ability to adjust it via PWM from an Arduino or any microcontroller equipped with a suitable motor driver.

Operating within a voltage range of 3VDC up to 6VDC, these motors offer exceptional performance at both ends of the spectrum. When powered at higher voltages, the Yellow “TT” Gearbox Motor exhibits even greater speed capabilities. Based on our tests using a bench-top supply, we observed the following performance metrics:

At 3VDC: 150mA @ 120 RPM no-load, 1.1 Amps when stalled
At 4.5VDC: 155mA @ 185 RPM no-load, 1.2 Amps when stalled
At 6VDC: 160mA @ 250 RPM no-load, 1.5 Amps when stalled
Please note that these motors are fundamental in nature and lack built-in encoders, speed control, or positional feedback mechanisms. They function as a straightforward voltage-to-rotation conversion tool. As each motor may have slight variations, achieving precise movement would require a separate feedback system.

The Yellow “TT” Gearbox Motor boasts an impressive array of features, including:

Rated Voltage: 3~6V
Continuous No-Load Current: 150mA +/- 10%
Minimum Operating Speed (3V): 90+/- 10% RPM
Minimum Operating Speed (6V): 200+/- 10% RPM
Torque: 0.15Nm ~0.60Nm
Stall Torque (6V): 0.8kg.cm
Gear Ratio: 1:48
Body Dimensions: 70 x 22 x 18mm
Weight: 30.6g
Experience the compact yet powerful nature of the Yellow “TT” Gearbox Motor. Its exceptional torque, optimal gear ratio, and manageable weight of 30.6g make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you are working on robotics, automation, or DIY projects, this motor will undoubtedly enhance your creations.

Please keep in mind that to drive this motor, you will require a suitable motor driver, as microcontrollers are unable to directly power it.

Unleash the potential of your projects with the Yellow “TT” Gearbox Motor, where precision, speed, and reliability merge seamlessly. Order yours today and embark on an electrifying journey of innovation.

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